Vol 63 No 3 (2018): Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society
Original Research Papers


A. San-Martín
Faculty of Sciences, Universidad de Magallanes
M. Bacho
Department of Chemistry, School of Sciences, Universidad de Chile
S. Núñez
Department of Chemistry, School of Sciences, Universidad de Chile
J. Rovirosa
Faculty of Sciences, Universidad de Magallanes
A. Soler
Department of Microbiology, Dentaid Research Center
V. Blanc
Department of Microbiology, Dentaid Research Center
R. León
Department of Microbiology, Dentaid Research Center
A. F. Olea
Instituto de Ciencias Químicas Aplicadas, Universidad Autónoma de Chile
Published September 12, 2018
  • Azorella compacta,
  • diterpenes,
  • normulinane,
  • yareta


Phytochemical analysis of Azorella compacta resulted in the isolation of six known diterpenes and one unknown norditerpene using chromatographic meth­ods. The structure of this new compound was established by spectroscopic analysis. The bioactivity of the new compound was assessed against six oral bacteria using a drop test method. A high level of growth inhibition was observed against F. nucleatum and P. gingivalis; however, other species such as V. parvula and A. actinomycetemcomitans were not affected.


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